Compiled By
Sri Vishwanath Kedia

Translated By
Sri Vijay Kumar Goyal & Sri Ramautar Rungta

Agarwal community is famous and well known for its entrepreneurship. They do not hesitate to go any where in the world for their livelihood. They have migrated to far of places from their birth place and have carried with them the rich culture and traditions of their community. ie. hard work, integrity, helping and risk taking nature. In the process of settling at a new place they have not only established their contacts with the local Agarwal community members who were already living there but have also mixed up with the local people of other communities. Slowly and steadily they contributed their might not only for the benefits of the local public but also for those outsiders who needed help during their short stay. For the benefits of the society they constructed dharamshalas, schools, colleges, temples, hospitals and other charitable institutions at the places where they started living.

In Chennai (Madras) too some of Agarwal families arrived from Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other North Indian States and settled mainly in Sowcarpet area where other Marwari families like Maheshwari and Jain were living. Some of the Agarwal families are settled for more than hundred years. As it was in their nature, they had been meeting each other and used to exchange greetings on the occasions of Deepavali and Holi.

For the first time in 1946, Agarwal community celebrated Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti and continued to celebrate the same. During one of the celebrations in the year 1949 at the gardens of Shri Moolchandji Gupta under the chairmanship of Shri C L Agarwal, the assembled members decided to carry out the activities of the community in an organized manner and they decided to form a Sabha under the name and style of “ SHREE AGARWAL SABHA”.

Accordingly under the chairmanship of Shri Mahadevlalji Dalmia, a meeting of like minded persons was convened and rules and regulations of Sabha were framed. Since there was no permanent place/office for Sabha, some of the members suggested to have its own office or building from where they can run the activities in more organized way.

With the dedicated efforts by Shri Mahadevlalji Dalmia, Shri Brij Mohanji Chowdhary, Shri Mangilalji Pitti, Shri Hari Gopalji Kejariwal, Shri Brijlalji Chowdhari, Shri Sita Ramji Palsani and Shri Chhagan Lalji Goyal in the year 1951, the present building of Shree Agarwal Sabha, Audiappa Naicken Street, Madras was purchased for a total amount of Rs.80,000/- from Seth Shri Ramji Hyderabadwale and for this noble cause of purchasing the building, Shri Bal Krishanji Goenka donated a very handsome amount of Rs.45,000/- and the balance amount were contributed by other philanthropists members.

The first AGM of the Sabha was held on 7-6-1952 under the chairmanship of Shri Mahadevlalji Dalmia and it was unanimously decided to name the building after the mother of Shri Bal Krishanji Goenka that is Smt.Purani Devi Goenka Agarwal Bhavan and the Bhavan was registered in July 1952.

The 2nd AGM of the Sabha was held on 20-10-1952 in which 72 members were present and following persons were unanimously nominated as office bearers and committee members:-

S. № Name Club Position
1 Shri Jaya Narayanji Kejariwal President
2 Shri Mool Chandji Gupta Vice President
3 Shri Srikishanji Nevatia Vice President
4 Shri Sita Ramji Palsani Secretary
5 Shri Hari Gopalji Kejariwal Joint Secretary
6 Shri Bal Krishanji Goenka Treasurer
7 Shri Mahadevlalji Dalmia Committee Member
8 Shri Inder Kumarji Bhualaka Committee Member
9 Shri Kanhaiya Lalji Khetan Committee Member
10 Shri Ajay Mohanji Khetan Committee Member
11 Shri Brij Lalji Chowdhary Committee Member
It was unanimously decided to fix Life Membership as Rs.101/- and Ordinary Membership as Rs.6/-