For the purpose of more clarity a Trust known as Smt Purani Devi Goenka Agarwal Bhavan Trust was formed on 20.7.1953 with sole object to cater to the needs of Shree Agarwal Sabha. The following Trustees were nominated to the Trust Board.

  • Shri Jayanarayanji Kejriwal
  • Shri Moolchandji Gupta
  • Shri Bal Krishanji Goenka
  • Shri Shrikishanji Nevatia
  • Shri Sita Ramji Palsani
  • Shri Inder Kumarji Bhualaka
  • Shri Sriniwasji Chowdhary (R.C.& Co.)

Shree Agarwal Sabha Bhavan was inaugurated by the then Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri ShriPrakashji in 1953 on the occasion of Deepawali. This day will be remembered as a Red Letter day in the history of Shree Agarwal Sabha.

The above Trust was registered in1954.

In 1956, by the sincere efforts of Shri Hari Gopalji Kejariwal and Shri Vishwanathji Kedia a Hindi Library and a Reading room with good number of Hindi Books and periodicals was inaugurated by Shri Puran Malji Boobana, Director, Edward Textile Ltd. to cater to the needs of Hindi speaking population of the area.

A sub committee was formed with Shri Brijlalji Chowdhary, Shri. Hari Gopalji Kejariwal and Shri Vishwanathji Kedia as members to frame the rules for proper utilization of guest rooms, utensils and library books and periodicals. It was also unanimously decided to let these facilities free of charges to the members of the society without any discrimination.

On the suggestion of some of the committee members that a separate youth wing must be started and after a unanimous decision on 17.12.1963 Shree Agarwal Navyuvak Sangh was started and was permitted to use the first floor of the Bhavan for the purpose of indoor sports activities.

With the growth of the utility of the Bhavan a need was felt to construct a hall for which Shri Gowrishankarji Goenka had contributed Rs.17000/- in his mothers name and under the able guidance of Shri Sita Ramji Palsani the hall was built.

Under the efficient and able guidance of many dedicated persons like Late Sri Jainarayanji Kejriwal, Late Sri Mongilalji Kejriwal, Late. Sri. Moolchand Chandji Gupta, Late Sri Ugresenji Goyal, Late Shri Hari Gopalji Kejariwal, Late Sri Srikishanji Nevatia, Late Sri Srinivasji Choudhary, Late Shri Brijlalji Chowdhary, Late Shri Sita Ramji Palsani, Late Shri Mohanlalji Saraf, Late Sri. Arjunlalji Agarwal, Late Sri. R.D. Bansalji, Late. Sri. Suresh Chandji Gupta, Shri Balakrishnaji Goenka, Shri.Vishwanathji Kedia, , Shri Madan Lalji Goyal and others like Shri Kesar Devji Chudiwala, Shri Ramautarji Agarwal, Shri Prahalad Raiji Saraogi, Shri H.D.Gupta, Shri Ramnivas Chowdhary, Shri Basudeoji Jalan, Shri B.L.Goel, Shri Vithal Das Agarwal, Shri Kesar Devji Kandoi, Shri Sita Ramji Khetan, Shri Roop Chandji Gotewala, Shri Ramesh Gupt Neerad, Shri Bhagwan Das Mangal. Shree Agarwal Sabha started expanding its cultural, educational and recreational, religious and social activities by organizing different related events of interest in which many dignitaries participated. The following are some the important events and functions which are worth mentioning.

  • With the dedicated efforts by Shri Brijlalji Chowdhary and Shri Madanlalji Goyal, a drama by name “Samrat Agrasen” was organized at Annamalai Hall on 7.10.1964 which was presided over by the Chief Guest Shri B. Kishanlalji Ex Mayor of Hyderabad. On this occasion a souvenir was also published which was edited by Shri Vishwanathji Kedia.

  • Scholarship to school and college students were given. Stitching machines were also distributed to the needy women.

  • Hindi tutorial classes were started free of cost for the benefit of students of higher secondary school.

  • With the assistance and guidance of St. John Ambulance, First Aid centre was opened at the time of China and Pakistan Wars. Donations were sent by Shree Agarwal Sabha for the natural calamities like famine and flood.

  • Utensils. Bed sheets, pillows, daris etc were sufficiently purchased to meet the requirement on different occasions of marriages, family functions and other events organized by the members.

Silver Jubilee Function of Shree Agarwal Sabha was organized in a very grand manner by the sincere and dedicated efforts of Shri Sita Ramji Khetan, Shri. Ramesh Gupt Neerad, Shri Ram Niwas Chowdhary, Shri Lakshmi Kant Saras and others on 30th and 31st March 1974 at Shri Rama Kalyan Mandapam. On this occasion of silver jubilee function a Kavi Sammelan was very successfully organized on 1st and 2nd April 1974 at Music Academy. Shri Bal Krishanji Goenka and Shri Vishwanathji Kedia who were President and General Secretary of the Sabha and other Executive Members appointed Shri Ram Nathji Goenka as the Chairman of Silver Jubilee Function with Shri Shrikrishanji Nevatia and Shri Hari Gopalji Kejariwal as Secretaries.