• Shri Inder Sain Goyal
  • Shri Inder Raj Bansal
  • Shri Ramvatar Goel
  • Shri Subhash Gupta
  • Shri Mohan Lal Saraf
  • Shri Shriram Goyal
  • Shri Ved Prakash Agarwal
  • Shri Hitesh Kanodia
  • Shri Vinod Goel

At present, Shri Agarwal Sabha has taken up a very prestigious project of constructing an Old Age Home. For this purpose Shri Hitesh Kanodia donated .89 acre of land at Nandiabakkam near Minjur and Shri Agarwal Sabha purchased adjoining 2 grounds of land. Shri Rajendra Gupta has agreed to donate major construction cost and the block will be named after Shri Rajendra Gupta. Now this Old Age Home is known as Shri Ramavatar Kala Kanodia Agarwal Sabha Old Age Home. The construction of this Old Age Home is in full swing. Members of the society are enthusiastically contributing towards it which is expected to be completed by 2011.

Shri Ashok Kedia and Dr. Gaurav Singhal with their hard work and full devotion made this Website and e-Directory of Shree Agarwal Sabha, this website contains all details about its members and history of Shree Agarwal Sabha. Website and e-Directory was launched on 1st January 2011 by the Legendary Shri Bal Krishan Ji Goenka.

On this auspicious occasion of releasing the brief history of Shree Agarwal Sabha, we cannot forget the contribution of some members who had shouldered the responsibility to carry forward the objects of Shree Agarwal Sabha like Late Shri Ramautar Ji Kanodia , Late Shri Lekhram Ji Gupta, Shri Basudeo Ji Jalan, Shri Narayan Prasad Ji Gupta, Shri Shyam Sundar Ji Goenka, Shri Mahavir Prasad Ji Gupta, Shri Manohar Lal Ji Bagadia, Shri Govind Prasad Ji Agarwal, Shri Mangal Chand Ji Khemka, Shri Satyanarayan Ji Petty, Shri Tara Chandji Kedia and some of the members actively shouldering their responsibility at present are Shri Inder Raj Bansal, Shri Praveen Garg,Shri Vijay Goyal, Shri Ramautar Rungta, Shri Ramautar Goel, Shri Mohan Lal Saraf, Shri Kishan Lal Modi, Shri Subhash Gupta, Shri Shriram Goel, Shri Kishan Hissaria, Shri Ashok Kedia, Shri Hitesh Kanodia, Shri Rajendra Gupta, Shri Sarwan Todi, Shri Vinod Goel, Shri Raja Ram More, Smt Sunita Singhal, Shri Ravindra Gupta, Shri Sanjeev Agarwal, Dr. Gaurav Singhal and many others. Of course the role of Shri Ravi Prakashji Khemka can not be forgotten for his timely help and guidance which he without any hesitation rendered to Shri Agarwal Sabha from time to time.

Shree Agarwal Sabha has always been a land mark for Agarwal Community not only for Chennaites but also for those Agarwal brothers who have been living in other States specially in Northern India. Shree Agarwal Sabha has a distinction to host legendary persons like Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, Shri Deendayal Upadhay, Shri Hanuman Prasadji Poddar-Editor of Kalyan and many more for their visit and stay at Shree Agarwal Sabha Bhavan.


The above facts and figures is the sole efforts, hard work and devotion of Shri. Vishwanath Ji Kedia who studied the minutes books of the Sabha right from its inception till 1992 and extracted the relevant and important events which took place during these years. Shri Vijay Goyal and Shri Ramautar Rungta edited the script of details of Shree Agarwal Sabha written by Shri Vishwanath Ji Kedia. Some of the members might have been missed to be mentioned here, which does not means that their contribution was in any way lesser than to those whose names have appeared. Shree Agarwal Sabha will always be grateful to all its dedicated members and also to those who have contributed their slightest might.